Art gave me Second innings

I am Sravani Jennela born and brought up in Visakhapatnam currently residing in Hyderabad. In my childhood when ever I get drawings in classwork I use to request my uncle to draw them and he use to help me .One day when I was in my 4th he rejected to draw and challenged me . I must submit the work and no one else are ready to help me out so at that moment I decided not to seek help in drawing.I started drawing by myself.That interest grew up along with me.But could not turn up as my main subject or career.Like others I too did Electrical Engineering then my Masters in Power systems and Automation but never left my hobby.Once I am done with my studies I entered a software firm and served them for 2yrs and resigned as I am not happy with what I am doing. After that I got married to a person whom I am in Love with and had a kid. So like that I became a full time homemaker leading a happy family time. I became busy with my kid and household works but when the my daughter turned 2years old .I started thinking about myself and don’t know why somehow I started giving time to myself. First I started yoga to get mentally and physically strong then in lockdown I restarted my art journey.I started with 3d arts casually but the response I received through social media is marvellous and motivated me to do some more.Then I started making portraits ,my friends suggested me to do commission works like that I started taking order works and took a step towards realistic graphite arts . Meanwhile I participated in art competitions and achieved certificates prizes too. It’s like my second innings to buildup and restart my career.With that spirit I achieved India book of records in November for making miniature portraits of Indian presidents on a 16cm wooden spoon. Recently I got best performer award in art category in a contest conducted by connectedindian a nonprofit organisation.I strongly believe that very few will get a chance to turn their most loving hobby as a career.By gods grace and my family’s support I could able to get this opportunity and I wish to continue it and build up my career in Art field further.

Sravani jennela

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