Fly high

I’m Chandana Avvari. I have been trying to improve my art regarding every aspect of art. Art is something that makes me feel happy and so blessed. During the early ages, I have been trying to be an artist. As it is the only selfless thing that was so refreshing for me. When I was a child I used to draw just with the flow, not with the interest. And when the days passing it improved my imagination and also confidence in me. Art is that which enhances our knowledge and ideology. Before I used to see and drew things later with my own imagination I’m able to do anything which was so incredible thing to me. I have learned mandala art too. I used to think that it was so easy but, when I started I understood the perfection and the power of imagination. I understand art is that makes dream into reality. I have been putting my ideas onto paper and learning new day by day. Mandala art consists of many designs and the power of our imagination. The perfection we feel isn’t easy as we keep it on paper. It takes a lot of dedication, patience. When I started even I was shocked by my patience and understood if there is interest, patience comes in the way. Nothing replaces art. Art can be of different types and not underestimating anyone’s talent. I have been improving my skills during the ages, which gives me satisfaction. Also, I started a page @chandni_arts. I didn’t even dream about it. But happened which changed me and my mindset. As everyone says beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset, mine will be art. I have found a platform that would encourage me. And also realized that being active or getting more likes isn’t a success. Success is a process. I have started to increase my skills. Blessed ✨

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