Not every touch is out of lust

Hey my love,
Come here
I’m waiting here,
stay here,
Can’t you just call it love
Just call it love and come to me.
Then let me tell you how you actually make me feel like, it may not sound like fairytale but you always be my prince.
You are the one to hold me, hold me tight and listen to my heartbeat that sync with yours and
let everything halt ..
We are together in love and that’s enough,
Just come here and feel my beat for you and the touch of my hands around you.. ..let’s spend each moment together,
You feel me.
Feel me like the soil feels the first drop of rain,
feel me like a Mom’s hand touches the new born baby,
Feel me like I’m the only one left to you,
Feel me like you own me,
Untill you feel my soul.
Untill you feel the intense of my LOVE .
With my lips resting on yours and whispering those three magical words
– I need your soul,
Because not every touch is out of lust
Every journey starts with love in us, a love towards anything makes it possible. So as my heart dwell at art, art makes my heart to breath when hard time hit me. No matter how bad my mood swings I always end at setting my mood right with a art in my hands.
So, start loving everything around you, that love makes you happy and calm all time because only a love can make everything beautiful.
People I met in my life are the inspiration for my art field because each person holds each color in my life whether good or bad memory they left, they are the artistic piece of my life.

Dipali Sindhutej

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